Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What are you doing with your rebate?

I know from the hit tracking program that a fair number of my readers come for the U.S. and I was just wondering what our American friends were doing with their freshly counterfeited rebate money. Those who have direct deposit apparently have started receiving their cash and the cheques are probably in the mail now.

My best guess is that a good portion of this stimulus package will end up covering already purchased merchandise on credit cards and credit lines and the remainder will end up going towards more expensive food and fuel. That small portion of the population who can actually spend this money on new stuff will just end up supporting the Mao Kai Shek exploitation corporation somewhere in the orient, so who's economy is going to get stimulated?

Wal-mart is so eager to get people in and spending that they are offering to cash the cheques for free and offer deals. (you pay to cash cheques?)
Other retailers are offering special deals but only if you cash and spend part of your rebate with them, Sears for example will give you 10% if you convert your cheque into Sears gift cards as will several grocery chains. That’s how desperate retailers are to get a piece of the government largess, god forbid people save it or pay off debts.

I really enjoyed the Comments by Wal-Mart CEO Eduaro Castro-Wright
People don't have as much access to credit as they used to, Clearly that is having an impact on how consumers behave.

He was complaining at the time that lenders are not allowing people to extend their credit after maxing out and could not continue to splurge on nonessential or big ticket items. Duh, that’s how everyone got in this mess to start with, asshole!

So what’s up people, how much did you get?

How will you spend it?

Tell us some horror stories about what your non metal investing friends and families are doing.


Unknown said...

am refusing to accept mine as i regard inflation a stealing from widows and orphans

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

Admirable but probably will have no effect.
Accepting it, buying metal and sequestering it way for charity work when the currency fails would benifit widows and orphans more than letting the Government waste it on something else.

glad to see however someone is thinking about the reality of this handout rather than just how to spend it, Good for you