Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Healthy silver

I've talked before about the power of silver as an anti-microbial agent and here is another example of it's continued growth in medicine as Advanced Medical Solutions releases a new wound dressing containing silver to the European market.

Silver micro threads or nano particles have now been incorporated into hospital curtains, surgical scrubs, Silver sulphadiazine creams for burn victims and now this new line of dressing materials which all help to control infections even those cause by MSRA.

In the old days people claimed a silver coin in a container of milk would keep it from spoiling as quickly, other references said that putting a silver coin into a wound to stop it from turning to rot; apparently they were on to something.

Silver's anti-microbial properties are now medically proven and some studies even suggest that the addition of nano silver to older ineffective antibiotics can make them usable again.

I don't believe however that the internal use of homemade or Internet purchased Colloidal silver products in a preventive regime is wise simply because long term exposure has not been studied and there are no standards for concentration, particle size or dose when using these products. I'd not chance self medicating with colloidal silver unless it was an emergency and there was no other choice. I don't think it would hurt to use it as a wash for sores or as a non caustic disinfectant.

While medical uses are not going to gobble up millions of ounces overnight, silver does prove again it is one of the most useful of metals as it constantly finds new uses and ever growing markets.

Silver Bugs are destined to have a shiny future.