Saturday, February 04, 2012

$20 for $20 Pretty coin with no $ Risk

I'm not a big fan of collectible and commemorative coins because they have a low weight and a high price compared to the value of their metal. Occasionally however I see something like the Royal Canadian Mint's $20 for $20 silver coins that are worth buying just because.

The thing about these limited edition coins (3 per address) is you can buy them for their face value of only $20. I realize this is just a gimmick to get new customers interested in collectible coins and you're only getting 7.96 grams of silver for $20 but it's pretty and has a risk free cash value.

At only 3 coins each its not an investment opportunity but they'd be great gift/ice breaker to begin a conversation on why people should invest in silver.

Just a thought , have a nice weekend.


If you use the promo code Mint 2 shipping is free, at least in Canada.