Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Silver Manipulation casually acknowledged on CNBC

For years now we've all heard about, and largely believed, the claims of manipulation in the silver market but little has been done to highlight or address the issue.  Main stream media for the most part has ignored the claims of manipulation while regulators did their best to hide and obfuscate the truth in order to protect a futures market that would collapse if properly investigated.   With that in mind it was quite surprising to see 2 CNBC hosts causally acknowledge that manipulation was real, sadly they didn't dwell on the subject but surely such an admission must be seen as a door opening to the truth. 

How much longer can such a corrupt market continue to run amok once the media openly slags its credibility?

I don't know if this was a slip, a warning that they are starting to take their jobs seriously or a dejected admission in the futility of trusting the markets, either way lets hope it stirs up some wider interest.

Start viewing  at about 9:20

H/T to Silver Doctors for catching this