Monday, July 19, 2010

Another silver failure to deliver story

This could just be a case of Scotiabank behaving badly, being overzealous, not understanding how to deal with a Power of Attorney, or just having zilch in the category of human decency. What ever the reason Scotia deserves all the bad press they can get over their treatment of this dying women.

On the other hand this could just be a large bullion bank doing its best to make damn sure this obviously savvy lady did not convert her silver certificates into bullion, figuring if they delayed until she died her kids would be more than content cashing them out in fiat dollars. In the end she did finally get her bullion but how many other dying customers would have gone to this effort?

Which is worse, no compassion or being self serving bastards? Not much of a choice is it?

Banks are evil, corrupt and working for their best interests not yours. Please people, if you have paper silver demand redemption and tell your friends, neighbours co-workers etc the same message.