Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Greetings silver bugs, gold bugs, bullion bugs and those who are just buggy, as many of my friends and family have tagged me.

Let me start by saying I'm a FOOL for my stance on silver!

2 years ago I looked at and discounted silver as an investment, then after a hiatus and then more research I changed my mind on the issue. So either way I'm a Fool, If Silver hits 50 dollars I'm a fool for not jumping in at $7, if it languishes I'm a fool for jumping in at $11. Sometimes you can't win.

I'm apparently also a fool for even bringing up the subject of silver as an investment, or a hedge against fiscal disaster to my family and friends. My lectures achieved nothing more than getting me labeled as depressed, paranoid, crazy and a survivalist. My attempts were motivated with real concern for the financial well being of others and the hope they would join me in my modest way of absorbing surplus supply and bringing on the inevitable shortage just a little bit sooner.
Yes, I do realize that my Pitiful purchases have next to no impact on the silver market. Despite this, I fell that I'm doing my duty to crush the "Naked shorts" so often mentioned by Ted Butler, of Investment rarities.
See, more proof I'm a fool, I believe I can make a difference

I've also been told I'm a fool for believing in market manipulation. It seems that it's perfectly acceptable to trade futures on commodities that don't exist. Why did nobody tell me of this earlier?, I would just love to sell a couple of houses that don't exist, I could then use the proceeds to buy even more silver and maybe a new shovel to bury it with. Even when I bring up recent market interference resulting from the default of nickel deliveries in London it got me no more credibility then I would get for screaming "I saw a Sasquatch" in my workplace . Don't laugh, I have seen it.

I won't even detail the reaction to my metals vs fiat tirades , people usually find an excuse to leave the room when this topic comes up and since this is my first post I don't want to chase you off with such foolishness ...yet!

You might have notice my welcome to gold bugs. My rational for this is simple, while they don't see eye to eye with me on my preference of silver over gold they can understand my reasons for wanting metals, and have likely suffered some of the indignities of being a "Bug". This is not about silver vs gold but all forms of honest money vs the status quo. Also, I hope a rich gold bug will loan me enough cash for a 1000 oz bar of silver. I could use it to press flowers, weigh down the cookie jar lid to keep my wife and kids away from my treats, or build an elaborate deadfall trap for the racoons in my grabage cans. If I can't make interest from silver I should at least be able to have some fun with it.

The life of the Silver Bug is one filled with insults, odd looks and a fierce desire to hide things in the walls of ones home. I hope you will join me in my quest for credibility and the ability to one day say "I told you so!"
Now go out and buy a brick of silver, hell, buy me one too!


PÆR Preshna ℗, Amri Melekh, King Ram Arthur David, Gaeb; Trust. said...

I believe we can make a difference - and don't let anyone bug you or call you one simply because you understand what is so precious about these metals. You are only a fool if you do not see your mistakes and learn from them. A fool is one who criticizes others without first looking at himself - a fool indeed! I am buying silver and I was thinking today - as they use up (even if there are certain "unknown" reserves of silver, on top of "known" reserves - it is still seemingly finite - and so I own, and am wearing, a percent of a percentage of the Earth's Real and Actual Total Troy Weight of Pure Silver Bullion - even if it is .000000000001% I am happy to know:
This 1 oz Silver Bracelet which I am wearing
(and all those coins I have been accreting)
-become more rare
-increase in value
-retain its fungability (ability to be turned into a coin and resistance to wear)
-maintain health benefits from the absorbtion of silver
-increase the effectiveness of my bio-electrical system by adding a force of 'harmonic resonance'

This is getting me outrageously bullish about silver - and if enough of us become OUTRAGEOUSLY BULLISH about silver, the time will come when some portion, (then perhaps a large portion), of the main stream will become involved in making silver MORE AND MORE PRECIOUS - that is to say 'directly involved' since at the present stage of things, most people are meeting silver via appliances and jewellery and even solar cells, but not typically in Real, Honest to Gooness Money Form, including both Coin and Bullion/Ingot

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