Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where can I buy silver in Canada?

It's not my intention to promote any particular business (unless of course they want to pay me, preferably in silver) but rather to enlarge the knowledge base of Canadian silver bugs on potential vendors. I will mention the few vendors I have dealt with and my perception of them and their service. I hope you will add to the conversation with insights on different vendors and those previously mentioned by myself or others.

Scotia bank- Scotia bank is a major bank and the largest bullion vendor in Canada with over 950 branches. I'm told it's possible to buy bullion from any of these branches so long as don't want it that day. Bullion is ordered from the main vault in Toronto and shipped via Brinks to local branches at your expense. I've asked at the main branch for a breakdown of these shipping fees but I was told the that only the local branches could inform me. I happen to be near the main Toronto branch so I've done all my business with Scotia in a walk up and carry away manner.

Business at Scotia is done at the bullion and currency exchange counter which can have quite long wait especially in high travel seasons. At the counter they have real time silver quotes and exchange rates which is important as metals trade in U.S. dollars. You book your order, they send the order down to the vault and you wait. I've spend from 10 to 45 minutes in line and waiting for my silver to be brought out. Scotia has silver bars and maple leafs, gold in bars, Maple leaf coins, English Sovereigns, Mexian 50 peso coins, Krugerrands, and American Eagles. Overall I've been satisfied with service but I would like to see some bullion in local branches rather than penalize everyone who does not frequent downtown Toronto, I think they are missing many potential buyers. Also why can't I watch the prices from my computer, book my own order and then just go pick it up? If I can trade stocks or buy RRSPs online why not silver?

Note: I do not know if it's a sign of total demand or just having the wrong sizes in stock but in early May I was told they were almost out of 100 oz bars and in early August they had no 5 oz or 10 oz bars.

Colonial Acres Coins of Waterloo Ontario, is primarily a store for Numismatics but they do advertise silver bars up to 100 oz and coins from the Royal Canadian Mint and various foreign mints. They sell a variety of gold collector coins including Maple Leaf in full ounces and fractional ounces, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz. and 1 oz bars. Colonial also has some U.S. and Canadian junk silver. I have made purchases of Junk silver, maple leafs, and some protective containers from Colonial's web site with no problem. For the last while however, Colonial has shown "sold out" on silver bars and is often behind in correcting the web site prices. If silver suddenly starts to run, check them out you might get a deal on the last stock of Maple Leafs. Is the sold out status another sign of tightening supply? I understand many small dealers out west were empty in the spring 2006.

I follow the pricing on Border Gold , out of Surrey B.C. but have never used them. I'd like some feedback from someone on these folks. Border Gold lists Silver Maples and 10 oz and 100 oz bars of silver. They also sell various collectors coins, gold, platinum and palladium. Unlike Colonial there is little chance of getting a tricky discount purchases here, final quotes and orders are done by phone.

Note: Some provinces like Ontario charge PST on Numismatics (junk silver, Maple leafs, Royal mint stuff etc) while others like B.C. do not, nor are they required to charge you if they ship to a PST province. Keep this in mind for easy savings.

I know of many U.S. operations but the added joy of cross border shipping, duty, customs has not yet convinced me of the need. I would like a pile of rounds and a few Libertads so I still might take the plunge, but not just yet.

Ebay.ca - manic buyers often push prices too high and each vendor is a new adventure. Avoid U.S. customers as shipping and duty can kill you, especially when fools label your silver rounds as coins rather than bullion and you get charged PST. I also panic when things take 4 weeks to arrive. Look at the adds closely, I often see padded shipping and insurance. I've even seen one vendor in western Canada quoting shipping in English Pounds in order to slide over priced shipping past inattentive buyers.

Please add your vendors and insights as comments

Additional vendors added 2012

My go to place for the last 3 years has been First Majestic Silver a mining company that has made a wise choice in direct marketing a portion of their silver to the public. This creates market recognition of their company which must help the stock price and their bottom since they probably have a higher margin on the bullion vs the bulk refined silver.    They supply a nice selection of very pretty 1/2 oz, 1 oz, rounds, 5 and 10 oz struck bars, a nice molded 1kg bar and a 50oz rough poured job that fits poorly with their other products.  Service has been quick, accurate and pleasant after a slight problem when they first opened up for business.   I this is place I recommend and wish they had an associate program of some kind.  

Great Panther Silver should receive much of the same praise I give First Majestic but I cannot recommend a company that is consistently around $3 an oz more expensive than their peer.  I love the look of their product and I would buy it but only at a comparable price.

Speaking of prices that are way off, the day I checked a posters recommendation for Peracto they were a full $7 dollars an ounce pricier than Border Gold, a company I use for my fair value pricing comparison.  

The comments section has had a bit of a flame war about Precious Metals House I've not used them yet but I will with my next purchase just to get a feel for the validity of the comments I've blocked.  What I can say is they have a very nice selection of products including Scottsdale stacker bars and Mexican Libertads, both very lovely products that I count among my favorite silver.  They are also not readily available in Canada so the small premium on the Libertads far out ways trying to order them from the states or directly from Mexico.  They also have a bunch of high premium stuff like Pandas that I refuse to purchase because of their price.

Silver Gold Bull also gets a lot of plugs from my commentators and I found it had a very nice selection but with slightly elevated prices compared to a few other places. I've never seen silver from Fiji before and somehow missed the addition of 1/10 and 1/4 ounce walking Liberties which might well be a good purchase for SHTF money.  So far most of my small stuff is 1 and 1/2 oz rounds from First Majestic but a few rolls of 1/10ths might be a good addition.  Silver Gold Bull like Precious Metals House looks set up for larger purchases too something few Canadian Vendors could do when I started this blog. 

Bullion Exchange in BC offers free shipping over 500 oz of silver had decent prices but a smaller selection than some companies.

MRCS in Edmonton has been suggested for local buyers but they don't appear to do online sales

I received a lot of Bullion Mart span in the comments over the last couple years and checking today I still find them moderately overpriced but no where near the obscene prices at Peracto

While I try to keep to Canadian vendors to avoid the occasional over zealous customs asshole who doesn't know the difference between coins and bullion, or pure vs sterling I do hear good things about APMEX.  Amazing selection of silver and the small gold pieces I occasionally buy like sovereigns or 2, 2.5 and 5 peso coins.

I'll probably add some more vendors as I come across them, thx for dropping by.


Anonymous said...

Great article, and thanks for the info. I'm in Calgary and I have been to scotia bank four f'ing times, and each time I haven't been able to come home with any silver. They are sold out of smaller quantities of silver and the only bullion you can buy is 1000/oz bars. They also won't take cash over $1000 so they require that you bring a certified bank draft. No cash?? I couldn't believe it. In addition, and I'm not sure if everyone does this, but they charge you for the currency conversion (CAD to USD), then they charge you for your purchase, they charge you for the shipping, and when you eventually want to sell it they hit you with the same charges again! I honestly can't believe how crooked banks are these days.

Anyway, needless to say I'm looking to buy silver from another company. I'll check out the recommendations you provided. My question is if you were to buy silver from another company, say XYZ Silver Co., do I have to sell it back to the same company or can it be sold anywhere? I know scotia wouldn't buy it back if you didn't buy it from them, which begs the question: If I purchased silver/gold from England, could I sell it here?

Anyway, thanks for the info (two years ago!).

Anonymous said...

They do take cash, only under $3000. Thats what i was told by the main branch in toronto and they told me that all the branch offices would do this.. just an FYI

Unknown said...

Thanks for the valuable information!! I have a question though.. What form of silver do you recommend I should buy? I was thinking coins.. if you recommend coins then which one you think is the best kind from Scotia? thanks

Anonymous said...

Time have changed Josh, it's now damn hard to find any silver smaller than the huge 1000 oz bars so while I would recomend 100s you'd hard pressed to find any to buy.

right now Scotia has maple leafs, their own brand 1 oz bars and 1000s, few other local vendors have anything.
In toronto you might find 100oz bars at
21 Dundas Square
Toronto, ON M5B 1B7
(416) 363-0584‎

no promises however, I simply buy what I can find these days, with so little available I can't be picky


atom said...

Supply is still good...we have a lot of 1 oz silver and 10 oz bars....next day delivery for Ontario and select provinces.

Thanks for your interest.


Anonymous said...

I would say supply of silver is abundant. There is a LOT of silver out there, just look around. All the reported "shortages" are of only certain types of silver products (ie. American Eagles). Silver is silver is silver.

I just ordered some Maples from Border, worked out well.

Anonymous said...

apparently you were looking for silver last summer when only 1000 oz bars were available for months at a time, border gold also had months where they had no maples,silver or gold and no other silver products for silver.

The shortage has eased but the U.S mint has just cancelled several coins styles to stymie damand, Perth mint is rationing, The increase in supply has mostly been because of new private mints filling in the gap which is a good thing, allowing more of us to get stock,,, there was however a shortage.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi. I heard of a scam (many years ago) where the outside was silver, the inside something else -- quite possible with these larger bars. Short of taking a lab with me, how do i protect myself from a scam, especially the smaller dealers. Can one just drill a hole in a bar without decreasing its value by more than the weight loss? Who does an assay? How? How much does it cost?

PS. The people should hang whoever is responsible for the destruction of our money.

CSB said...

If you buy from some place like scotia, you can return it there without assay with the original paper work.

Most dealers have a feel for the heft of a bar and proper halmarks etc and will not deal adulterated bars but lead is close to silver in density and a good fake could be passed, that said even in the 80s boom fake silver was rare. Today I would avoid ebay silver from China.

100s or larger are the only ones that would make the effort worth while, if you are concerned buy nothing that you cannot sell back to the vendor. Or keep your prurchases to small bars that are not worth faking or something too pretty to tamper with without making it obvious. Something like the extruded bars that are ultra shiney and uniform, maples,eagles etc, avoid the rough pour bars. A good small vendor will weigh the bar in front of so you can see its weight is true but you need to be familiar with the size you expect for the weigh.

buy from established mints if you don't trust small stores, NTW mint, makes several brands and sizes,as does RCM selling through scotia.

Gold@goldstocklive.com said...
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Unknown said...

I am in Quebec and been shopping for a while now and the best price by far I came to was a dealer in the USA close to washington. He garantees no custom taxes, cheap, fast insured shipping, and a quality brand .9995 silver! I don,t know how he makes money but he is a great guy. His name is Aaron and cell 1 360 699 1800. I found him on ebay but got a much better price directly with coupon code:Bernard. I only buy from him to this day. Highly recommend talking to him.

Anonymous said...

It was really helpful i checked all the dealers but i think Gold Stock price was much better then others i live in Toronto I bought 1 Ounce silver maple leaf bars and 1 ounce gold bars from Gold Stock price was very good. I think Gold Stock is better for me because i live in toronto and price alot differents then others well I also suggest to go to Gold Stock. Thanks guys for your comments.

skittlescda said...

I'm new at this, can you tell me roughly how much it costs to purchase a 1 oz. silver maple leaf or gold coin at Scotiabank?

CSB said...

At todays spot price of 13.99 silver/ $937 U.S for gold I would expect that to be about 15.50ish and $1,034 Canadian after exchange rate
service fees of a flat $5 for the transaction and the premium on small pieces would bring a silver maple to $20-21 or a $1100 for a gold maple ounce.

I always buy a few silver maples because they are pretty but I would suggest that 1 oz rounds from first majestic or North west territorial mint (if you are buying many) would be 2-3 dollars an ounce cheaper. For gold the better value (unless you really want maples) are one ounce wafers or scotia brand 1 ounce rounds or fractions which are probably at least $40/ ounce cheaper. As long as it's a recognizabled brand you should be buying to obtain the largest number of ounces for your money, the premium will not gain you any extra profit when you sell.

Plus there is also PST (and perhaps soon HST) on Coins bought in some provinces, Ontario is one. Bullion wafers and rounds which are 99.9% ie 24k, are not considered collectables so no sales tax, but give them a face value and they are suddenly collectables and taxable. Which personally is the biggest scam. having a face value means you are being charged sales tax for buying money which by the fact that it has a face value is not a product but money.

skittlescda said...

Thank you CSB that was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I have 180 ounces of silver in silver bars and am looking to sell. Where would I get the best price? A bank? Also, can you tell me what constitutes an 'old pour' silver bar and whether it's worth any more? Thanks.

CSB said...

There may be specific criteria I don't know of but I consider an old pour bar to be someting that is rough, less than smooth finish not buffed to a a mirror finish. Some of the really old bars may be of weird weights or slightly over their stamped weight.
Many of my bars are the old J&Ms that are rough and tappered at the bottom like cutting the top part of a wedge.

Modern bars would be the extruded bars that are pretty, shiney and all identical. NTW bars, RCM, first majestic, are all new extruded bars.

Email me some pics if you like but unless they are from rare or historically significant mints/companies etc I would not afford them any premium. But some people do collect odd bars, me I will pay a small premium just to have a different bars than I already own, but the premium has to be small. I like other sizes of Bache bars, a wall street mint(New your sky line with twin towers_), or silver towne just because I don't have them yet.

In some cases if they are too obscure you will have a harder time passing them at dealers who may not be familar with them. Craigs List or other private sales are the best way to avoid captial gains taxes, Ebay gives you access to the most buyers, banks/coin dealers buy at a discount only, not full value.

Where are you?

What are your bars brands/sizes?

Anonymous said...

Thanks CSB.

I'm in Toronto. I have 2 50 oz. bars, 1 20 oz. and the rest 10 oz.

The smaller ones are Engelhard and the larger ones are JM.

csb said...

If you are in the financial district during the week (so we could do it in person, in cash), I would take 2-3x 10 oz at $16/oz canadian and might know someone else who'd also take some. This price is what a major online BC dealer would purchase it for as of yesterday.

Your call.

I'd take the whole lot and redistribute it to the bugs I know (at no profit) but due to a new pending roof I could not chance I'd be be over extended when the bill comes due.

Anonymous said...

Cache Metals in Toronto can handle any of your precious metals needs www.cachemetals.com 416-916-6660

Anonymous said...

I am 65 years old live in Waterloo you guys were really help full regarding silver i checked all the venders and did all my search The most reasonable price was Gold Stock Toronto base company price was very reasonable then others shipment was very fast to call them before you buy any Gold, or Silver

Unknown said...


Great topic!
Upon reading it I got some questions that I believe you ran into sometime in the past as well.
Could you please reply to them or give me a link where you discussed it? I coudn't find it.
So the questions are:
1. When you buy scrap silver, how can you make sure it is silver when there is no hallmark (or even if there is)?
Of course, after you already received it. So it is not a preventive thing to do but to be sure what you got.
2. Let's say, you got a pile of scrap siver with all the hallmarks. But you don't wan to keep it like a broken candle holder. Once you've melted it into a bar, is there an official(!) way to get a stamp on it? Sure, you can buy tools to do that easily, but is there some licenced agency to do it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

Actually I've never have and probably never would by scrap. Even with halmarks is not easily tradeable in the silver market and you have to know plate, from solid, know if the halmarks are legit, too much work.

If I had a bunch already or bought a bunch real cheap I would find a refiner who would melt it, assay it and give me fair $ value for it right away. I'd then take that cash and immediatly buy recognizable 99.9 bars and hold onto those instead.

Gold@goldstocklive.com said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of spam from GoldStockLive...

How come no one is mentioning the REALLY cheap places to buy from (and the highest paying places to sell to)? J&M Coin, Albern Coin, and Gatewest Coin are amoung the highest for paying for your stuff, and charge the LEAST for their bullion when they sell to you. They are all bullion distributors with the Royal Canadian Mint, deal in their local cities, and sell through the mail. Costs are MUCH lower than those listed on this site:


All are members of CAND, the CNA, and are official bullion distributors for the Royal Canadian Mint. All have bullion in-stock and available for immediate delivery in nearly ANY quantity.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any feedback on kitco, which is based out of montreal? thx.

csb said...

If I could walk in and buy from them I might but I understand delays and out of stock issues bother them at times.. What does turn me off is that Nadler's an idito who sells gold yet talks it down all the time. who's side is he on? I don't like supporting him in any way

Anonymous said...

Does Ontario charge PST on silver Maples, and Eagles if you buy them from the states(APMEX, NWTM) ?

Mike H. said...

FYI, Scottsdale Silver is now shipping to Canada. They accept credit cards and paypal too. Some of the best bullion I've personally seen.

Saeed said...
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Saeed said...


We have a client who has 900,000,000 (Nine hundred million pieces of Silver coins "Maria Teresa") legitimacy of private property under the ownership of official documents in accordance with the following.Specifications:

1. Type of silver coin cut Maria Teresa
2. Weight per piece 27.6 gram
3. The proportion of silver (purity) 80%
4. France is the country of manufacture
5. Date of manufacture in 1780
Selling price required:
- Price of USD 8.5 per piece for Owner
- Brokerage commission (Any amount above 8.5)
- Intermediaries only three

1. Certificate of title deed
2. Counting Certificate
3. Certificate of tax and income
4. Certificate of Origin
5. A bank certificate of deposit
6. Export Certificate

The owner wants to sell all quantity in the sale price shown above

Kindly if you are intrested or you have serious buyer contact us via e-mail or tel

+1 514 839 5212

Anonymous said...

One of the cheapest places I have found to purchase silver bullion is here:


They ship anywhere in the USA free and will also ship to Canada for a small fee ($0.30/oz I think)

Anonymous said...

I m in alberta canada you guys really helpful i purchased silver from one dealer but bars were circulated than i bought some from Gold Stock this is Toronto base company but very fast and good price and all bars in plastic cover and certified try them they gave me very good price shipping was cheap also

Anonymous said...

There are many coin dealers in local cities that you can buy silver coins and bars. Here in Vancovuer, I go to J & M coin in Broadway Street.

All the best,

Silver Bar Videos

Anonymous said...

From places like GoldStock what are the minimums of silver I can buy in person? I'd just like to buy a small amount of silver bullion(maybe 5oz) each week. I prefer smaller bars like 1-10oz bars. I have a small amount saved from gifts and buying off eBay when it was under $10 and I could find it selling close to that with low ship cost. Thanks for all the info so far!

Anonymous said...

Just a note to investors. I bought silver (10,000) worth of it from cachemetals in Toronto. Their office was a bit sketchy. I told them I wasn't comfortable with leveraging and just wanted to buy whatever silver I could get for that amount. I also told them to buy it under $18 per ounce as it was fluctuating between 17 and 19 during that week. Well they leveraged it and bought $20,000 with 8% interest for the difference. They also bought at $19.80 which was the all time high for that week. Made me sick. Can't stand companies that DONT LISTEN to the customer. I would advise to stay away from CACHE METALS...I had to wait 4 months to recoup the losses they took from all their juggling of my money. They made more than I did when prices went up. Not worth the stress. Make sure no one leverages your money without your permission!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Edmonton and occasionally buy from Nortgate Stamp and Coin which I find to be the best place in Edmonton to deal with. I have also placed orders with APMEX down in the States and have nothing but praise for them. The shipping to Canada is $34.95 per order and I find it is worth it because the the cost of their items even with the shipping is still cheaper than getting it here in Canada. Their product selection is excellent and their customer service is second to none. I have ordered from NWT mint and they are much more expensive than other places. I like them because you can order online and pay with credit card. The orders have arrived timely and securely packaged.
Gatewest-out of Winnipeg-is also a great place to deal with. Their website lists bullion prices up to the minute and their website is very user friendly. Their orders come securely packaged in brown paper wrapped pizza boxes(unused). You get tracking information from shipping date to time of signature which I really like. Their website has all sorts of cool items also. And they are in Canada and delivery fees are only $6.50. Good place.
Summary: My personal favorite: APMEX-they have the total package.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I use J & M Coin in Vancouver. They ship within a few days and I find their prices to be less than any other places, especially places in the States.

Anonymous said...

www.guildhallwealth.com Fabricated Product Bullion holding accounts and a very large Canadian Presence. Been with them for about 4 years now. They also have a weekly show on AM640 on Saturdays at around 1pm and Sundays around same time. I usually just go to itunes and download The Real Money Show which is the name of the show they do......Cross my fingers.....good luck so far....

dwilson1707 said...

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JN said...

The spamming goldstock posts are a terrible way to build trust. Not likely to buy from there now. Be honest or be ignored.

Thanks to the rest of you for your help.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When I lived out west in Vancouver, I bought and sold bullion from VBCE (www.vbce.ca). Low margins, and they usually had what I wanted in stock.

In Toronto, I'll just go to Scotia...

Anonymous said...

Gatewest-out of Winnipeg-

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Im trying to get silver bars most of the places are sold out i dont want to go to bank they charges are too high plz

Anonymous said...

Why would an online purchase of 1997 Silver Maple Leaf 1oz sell for $46.45 CDN when the price of silver is under $30 USD an ounce? Is there a difference in tender amount for 1997 versus 2011?

Just starting out, and have a long way to go to fully understand the process. Sorry for the naive question.

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

Right now its hard to get coins and Maples,Eagles/Harmonics/even Libertads are premium products so there should be a premium for them but it should be $3-4 bucks MAX. There is stinking excuse for a $16 dollar premium.
Do not pay this much, its robbery.

Canadian Silver Bug said...

A Perfect example of what prices should be look like would be Scottsdale silver where single ounce waffer are 32.69,

By the way the Scottdale stackable bars are gorgeous.

First majestic silver
30.50, The premium is the same at first majestic for big or small, making the business strike rounds a damn good deal.


If anyone is selling maples for $46 they are looking for rubes who thing they are collectable, just direct mint stuff like above rather than national mints.

Anonymous said...

I have been searching night and day for the best prices in Canada for silver. I chose the Bullion Mart in Toronto and bought 2000oz. After doing ALOT of homework on the topic, I concluded that many of the large silver dealers in the states did not ship to Canada, some of them had bad reputations of not shipping the silver until many months later, and others were just too much money over spot price. Guildhall wealth Management had a very good advertising campaign but once I called, I felt like I was being coherced by a slimey salesman who desperately wanted my money. They charge prime + 5% to finance your silver that in my opinion, may just be silver on paper instead of the real metal. Scotia Mocatta is a very large dealer in Canada and were asking $35/oz just last week for 1000oz bars.(Which is way more than the selling price of bullion mart). Infact, bullion mart sells their bars to Scotia Mocatta.
I bought my bars to be shipped to my home..and they arrived two days later by Fed Ex...and insured along the way.
If you don't believe me, check out www.bullionmart.com and hourly prices are posted. Zaman, the owner of the bullion mart was nothing but professional and answered all of my questions and e-mails promptly. I didn't feel like he was pushing me in any way to buy. Buy now!!! Prices won't be in this little slump for long!!!

Melissa. Calgary Alberta.

Unknown said...

I just saw your post and i am from montreal and currently i am dealing with KITCO in montreal but i just visit the website of www.thebullionmart.com there is a difference between the prices of kitco and the bullin mart,and the good thing is that they will able to deliver it at my door step and all my delivery will be insured.So once again i am really thankyou to you to post a block here which is helping me to save more money,I wish if i find him a year agao then i must say i saved till now more than 20k to 30 k.I am gona order today approx 3000oz.Once my transaction will be done then i will post again about my experience.

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

While I appeciate the traffic, ENOUGH with the bullion mart spam, I've checked them out and 35.98 for maples is far too much, as is 33.48 price for 1000 oz bars.

I don't buy that two people who want 1000s of oz have suddenly found my site at the same time and both love bullion mart. Especially when their prices are a couple $ off/oz on all sizes when compared to First Majestic, Northwest terrirtorial mint, Kitco,Scottsdale, and Border gold,

Unless you can make up the $ difference by picking it up and saving on shipping I would not deal with them and as far as I'm concerned a large order will not cost you $3 per ouce to ship. I call Bullshit on Bullion Mart.

Anonymous said...

SilverGoldBull is the place to buy bullion in Canada. They charge about $3.50 oz over spot for silver, but that's beter than what I can buy it for here in Ontario. No extra taxes, just shipping, which is tracked and insured. I haven't been able to find any place cheaper to buy silver.

Anonymous said...

Walk in with money pickup goods less than 2 mins I tried calling everywhere getting quotes from the entire bullion dealer in canada end up buying from Gold Stock. I told them about this blog n promised to write my comments "reasonable price and fast service".
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Try the Victoria Bullion Exchange.
They have product, efficient and the cheapest I've found so far.....FREE shipping over 500 oz all over Canada and the US.


Anonymous said...

MRCS is pretty good in Edmonton. You can buy upfront or have them order for you at about $2 over spot. bullion mart is way too expensive.

Eugene said...

I've bought from border gold in BC a few years ago and they were very professional.

Eugene said...

Anyone know where i can get bags of 90% junk silver in Canada.
Kitco has them but only ships to US.

kidthief said...

depends on where u live?
i think jandm (bc) have it(on their website)

Armil @ purchase silver bullion said...
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Anonymous said...

I just tried SilverGoldBull.com

they dont have a huge variety, but they are well priced and quick. I received my order in less than a week.

TW200 said...

I recently bought some silver rounds and 10oz bars from SilverGoldBull in Alberta. The prices were very good, and shipping was fairly quick. I would order from them again.

Anonymous said...

Gold stock try their price no hidden fee or any extra charges what they quote you thts what you pay no games
very happy with them
try it goldstocklive.com
416 504 4653

Anonymous said...

Silvergoldbull.com,is pretty reasonable wish they sold 1oz bars though.But they were fast and really nice, answered what ever questions i had.My 10oz bar arrived really fast.

Anonymous said...

Silver is a great hedge for the upcoming inflation. If you don't have some get some. I am buying on the dips in the market to build my portfolio of silver rounds and bars.

There is a great article on why buy silver bar @ http://silverbar.ca/

Buy some if you don't have some. Silver is even better than gold if you do some more research!

AGL said...

Several years ago I purchased a 100troy oz silver bar:
• 999+,
• C#1029
• logo a triangle containing the stylized letters r t s .
None of the banks seem to know who the refiner is. Does anyone know who they are / were ?

CSB said...

can you mail us a pic of the mark?

I don't know it would sell but I'd buy a book showing the history of mints/refiners and nice pics of bars and makers marks, would prove very useful for many collectors/investors

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

Well AGL, first i'd tried to sell it back to the place I bought it from, else try taking it down to the largest precious metal shop in your area and see if they will take it off your hand after they test its purity. Alternatively, I you could ask a refinery to re-mint it for with their hallmark or ask them to buy it off you. Maybe check First Majestic Silver Corp in Vancouver.

CSB, did you need ID to purchase from Scotia banks bullion desk.

csb said...

Scotia definately wants Id

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

Thanks for the info on the ID issue. Just visited their site and they state you require 2 pieces of ID and social insurance card.

On another note, I had tried contacting you CSB by email a while back and hadnt gotten a response. Are you still checking your hotmail email in your blogger profile.

Susan said...

Anonymous said...
Just a note to investors. I bought silver (10,000) worth of it from cachemetals in Toronto. Their office was a bit sketchy. I told them I wasn't comfortable with leveraging and just wanted to buy whatever silver I could get for that amount. I also told them to buy it under $18 per ounce as it was fluctuating between 17 and 19 during that week. Well they leveraged it and bought $20,000 with 8% interest for the difference. They also bought at $19.80 which was the all time high for that week. Made me sick. Can't stand companies that DONT LISTEN to the customer. I would advise to stay away from CACHE METALS...I had to wait 4 months to recoup the losses they took from all their juggling of my money. They made more than I did when prices went up. Not worth the stress. Make sure no one leverages your money without your permission!!


Re Guildhall Wealth and Cache Metals - I got burned the same way
when these slimey salesmen were "Thunder Bay Consulting". Stay away from them - they make $$$ and I lost big time.

Anonymous said...

Gold Stock sold out of 10 oz silver bars i went there this morning there's was line up everyone buying silver and selling gold scrap it was very small place but got silver grizzly as same price as 10 oz bars price was good

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

Just tried to purchase from silvergoldbull and they required that i call them and give my credit card number to them to attach to my account in order for them to process the order. Find it weird why they didnt just ask for that on the order form instead of me calling them. Here's what came in the email to me.

"We require your credit card information to secure payment on all first-time orders and for all orders of $CA 2,000 or more. Please contact us to provide this information or your order may be involuntarily canceled."

CSB said...

Jay, this is not about being a new customer but about government reporting. More and more businesses are doing the Gov's dirty work to ensure they know who has bought bullion. The reason being the gov wants to make sure you not laundering money for terrorists(their excuse) or that you avoid paying capital gains when you do sell (the real excuse)

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

Well I'm assuming if I pay through my bank account they already have that record on file of my bullion purchase, so why the need for the credit card on file. So they think your money laundering if you take over 10k across the border and then scotia only allows you to buy under 3k in cash, sounds like they cant make up their minds. Yep your right, its all about control, why you think they give us paper money instead of real money. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, does anyone know of a place that sells Canadian junk bags??

Preferably within Canada..

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

I called Canadian Coin & Currency in Richmond Hill, Ontario [905-883-5300] and they had junk silver and said that if you bought 60 oz or more, they would sell it at spot. Else ebay. :)

Anonymous said...


shtfprepared said...

Awesome blog. thanks for the info the NON spammers. I am a new buyer of silver now and do not do in the HUGE quantities some people here seem to. But I do my best to buy when i can. The price was at 30$troy Oz when I started and it is now at 41$ at the place I buy it. I have only 10 oz so far and 1 oz of gold. I do have some scrap of gold and silver but Im not counting those. I want to buy more but i know im paying more than the real price of silver and it pisses me off. I'm in Quebec city and I don't mind a little mark up but i don,t want to pay 5$ more than value on each oz. I also don,t trust buying over the mail or the net. I,ve already been scammed by paypal once..NEVER AGAIN! So I like to have my metal in front of me when I buy something. I tried scotia bank but you have to have a bank account with them.
Anyways thanks for the info. Maybe eventually with more research I will find some other trustworthy source to buy from. IN CANADA!

Anonymous said...

i m new to bullion would like to know what should i buy i am thinking to invest 45k very confuse one of my friend told me buy 1 oz gold easier to liquid heard pay more premium on 1 oz gold any suggestion close to gold price and any place in Toronto how I will know it’s not fake
I want to buy before its goes higher

Anonymous said...

There's slot of dealers in Toronto
Bullion direct.com

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

If you are looking for more security, buy more gold than silver (maybe 2/3 to 1/3), but if you are willing to take the risk of silver's volatility for a higher percentage gain, then buy an equal amount of gold and silver, in dollar terms. Well if i had 45k, i'd buy 25k in silver and 20k in gold. For gold, i'd buy a 5 oz gold bar and seven 1 oz gold coins or bars. For silver, i'd buy four 100 oz bars, ten 10 oz bars, and one hundred 1 oz coins.

I've completed a guide to buying precious metals in canada for those who are interested in more info. Have included a list of precious metal dealers by province as well as info on certificates and stocks.

Anonymous said...

yes border gold is good company I have used them several times they are fast and reliable and list shipping costs on their site

Anonymous said...

When I talked to the guy at silvergoldbull.com about the credit card he said it was because some people would cancel their order if the price went down after ordering and they had to eat the costs. I just told him I was in my way to the bank for a wire transfer an he said don't worry about the credit card. Got my silver in a week. crazy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay @ Sunnah Money
I have invested in Gold n silver 45k I asked for your help your link really helped me find right place Thank You
I bought goods from Gold Stock

Anonymous said...

I am new in silver/gold market.
I am just forex trader since 3 years.

AND i have lot of question ?

1) between 1oz coin silver and 1 oz silver bar they is a difference ?

2) i am looking for a trader near Montreal (QC) who sold (1oz 10oz and 100oz silver bar) the 10 oz is the must interrestant for my budget. I have see kitco but not sure if they sold only inline and they dont sell 1 and 10 oz bar ( on web site).

I dont really like shipping so if the trade is close it will be easy for me to pick up bars.

I avoid this trader : http://montreal.empireauctions.com/gold_page.shtml

Look price ;)

3) the trader must idealy support customer in french ( sorry for my english :P )

4) They is a way to buy silver witout ID ( i am not terrorist ;) but dont like to be watched by big brother :S )

5) for example if i buy silver bar from first majestic directly or any other unknown/popular brand. will i be able to sell bars in 10 year or more as easilly as scottsdale, cannadian silver bar minted, johnson matthey or NTR ?? or they are some bar to avoid ??

Anonymous said...

1. There is no difference between a 1 oz silver bar or coin (known as round) if they both have the same purity i.e. say .999 pure.

2. Kitco currently are out of 1oz round and bars in Canada.

3. You can purchase gold and silver bars and rounds and coins 1 oz to 1000 oz from Northshore Gold and Silver in Northern Ontario. Their site is NorthshoreGoldAndSilver.com

Anonymous said...

I got a 1000 oz bar, and I was thinking of selling it and buying 1oz or 1/2 oz rounds/bars...

Preferably somewhere within Ontario--I'm in GTA, but I'm willing to drive far if I need to. Would there be a best dealer to do that with..? I don't want to be scammed by some tax charges, or be reported to the government or some stupid thing like that.

Any help appreciated! :)

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

Well if you trade the 1000 oz bar for 1 or 1/2 oz coins and bars, there is no tax charge on the transaction, so maybe you should check with some of the dealerships if they would be interest in such a deal. They may ask you to add some more as the premiums on small coins and bars as the 1000 oz bar has a low premium.

Anonymous said...

Are there dealers that sell at spot prices.. or do they ALL sell below spot?


Anonymous said...

OOPS I meant, BUY at spot prices... not "sell".

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

Well it normally depends on how much over spot the product sells for and how much in demand the product is at that current moment. So if there was a demand for maples and the market was running low, the premium dealers would be ready to pay to buy it from you would likely go up. Let take a silver maple as an example and presently you maybe paying around 10 to 15 percent over spot and you will likely be able to sell it for around 5 percent over spot. In general there would be a difference of possibly 5 to 10 percent between the buy and sell price that a dealer will offer you.

Anonymous said...

I have never bought silver before but I'm ready to take the plunge. When I asked the Guildhall Wealth guy how much above the market value I'd be charged, he said it works out to just 40 cents per ounce if I opened an account with them and bought 500 ounces silver (No leveraging). He explained if I took the silver home that would involve fabrication costs and so cost more. I feel 40 cents per ounce seems a good deal especially when banks charge about 3-5 dollars extra. I'd be obliged for any advice, comments.

Canadians silver bug said...

Either the silver exists or it does not and whether you hold the silver or they do it must be fabricated into bars.

At best this sounds like a pool account where they hold 1000 oz bars, if so what verification will they give you that they actually hold the silver you believe you are going to buy? Do they publish their total accounts vs their total holdings. Do they hold real silver or futures?

Its all about trust,, the only fund I'd buy would be Central fund of Canada, otherwise I want it in my sweaty little hands..

As for premiums 100 oz bars should not be $5/oz, hell at First Majestic silver you can get 1 oz rounds for about $2.50 premium.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Silver-Bug, your advice has confirmed my gut instinct. After going through the Guildhall site I see that I have to pay a 15% commission on the total amount. God knows what other costs are involved! Any idea where I can get "my" sweaty little hands on some silver in Toronto? I'm looking to buy about CAD 15,000 worth. Also, I read this insightful article on silver written by Weber, take a look. http://news.silverseek.com/SilverSeek/1156348337.php

Silverfan said...

hey, I'm looking to sell two of my 100 oz bars if you're interested, and I only want $1.5 over spot. one is a JM bar. I'm in the GTA. contact me here if interested:

by the way, what happened to SunnahMoney.com ?? that was a great website, now it says "account suspended" when i try to access it.

Gandharax said...

Hi all,
Just wanted to say great $%#$*%& blog! I am new to investing in silver and will be investing 2100.00 CAD but am thinking about waiting a little while more to see what happens with Greece.Do you think if Greece defaults we'll see a price drop in silver? And lastly, has anyone purchased silver from Bendix foriegn exchange corp?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great info wish I had something like this to read back in '07 when I started stacking.

I live in a small town in southern ontario. No where close to buy so I used NWTM for about 80% of what I bought. They are pretty good. Never jerked me around and had no minimum order and I could pay with my CC. The only issue I have with them is that it takes about 4-6 weeks for my stuff to arrive. I picked up a 10 ounce bar from them monday morning for $330 all said and done shipping included.

Anonymous said...

silver and gold will go UP when greece defaults. bankruptcy indicates mass instability, and it will affect financial institutions big time, not to mention the other failing nations in the eurozone. it's a ticking time-bomb. NOW, especially, is a good time to buy silver since the price has dropped so drastically. it won't be long before it's up in the 40's again.

Anonymous said...

I buy all my products from http://www.metalscentral.com

Just picked up 2004 to 2010 pandas!
I am very pleased with their service.

Robert said...

just bought a bunch of lovely fractionals from silvergoldbull.com

their 1/4th and 1/10th rounds. very nice, good price, flexible payment options and quick, secure shipping.

will buy from them again.

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

Ay Silverfan. Glad you enjoyed the website and it was back up the following day. :)

Well gold and silver have begun their jump now, as i was expecting them to because of the indian festival season of diwali, which always happens each year.

Well Robert, if you were talking about silver, i have found that the premiums are not worth it if you buy anything below an ounce. And with silver being in the 30s, why buy smaller denominations.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from Guildhall Wealth Management! They should be called Guildhall Fraud Management!

Anonymous said...

I know you can buy Silver Bullion online from Peracto Corp.

Anonymous said...


I just went to this site and it says it will be down until early 2012. There is a toll free number and email address.

If I'm simply buying bars as an investment, should I just buy the very least expensive ones I can find? They really seem all the same. So far, I have bought some 1, 5, and 10 oz bars.

Jay @ Sunnah Money said...

@Anonymous - Dec 03

Well if your buying it as an investment, then the larger the bar, the smaller the premium. The benefit of smaller bars is that they can be traded in a few of them if you need the cash, instead of selling it all if it were 1 large bar. So I would suggest getting a mix of both, get a few large bars which you dont plan to touch, and get some smaller ones for easy trade. Of course for some, all they can afford is buying small bars in increments, and if that is the case, stick with that, as you should be able to trade in the smaller ones for larger ones without paying anything extra.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any experience buying diamonds from guildhall wealth management, or know anything at all about this company?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi: I'm just getting into collecting silver & was wondering how much duty & taxes are for silver imported by mail from the USA? I just bought a 10oz bar on eBay, for about a buck/oz over spot. & wish to know how much more it's going to cost me.

CSB said...

99% pure bullion bars/rounds have no tax or duty from the U.S. to Canada.

The only time you'd be taxed is on coins because in some cases they are not pure and in all cases they are collectibles, so depending which provinces you are in you might end up paying PST.

your 10 oz bar should have no additional charges.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I live in Alberta and i've bought from Gold silver bull,great place to deal,if you talk to someone in person they are helpful and friendly and their selection has grown in the past year.They let you know by email through each step what is going on with your order.Like that you can pay directly thru the credit union{bill payment option}

First Majestic-a little skeptical at first when they wanted a copy of a utility bill to confirm my address,but all worked out in the end.Their silver is some of the best looking that i own,the only problems i have with them is that you can't buy their rounds in singles,and you have to pay by credit card and in US funds

Northwest territorial mint
Limited selection,but nice silver,i really like the stagecoach stuff.Haven't used them lately but their shipping was reasonable,but i see they have a new website and if i recall correctly someone here said 30 cents an oz so that might have changed.They let you know by email what is going on with your order during each step.Shipping takes about a month.

By far the best selection,prices maybe a little higher,but you can pay in canadian funds and their shipping is very fast,about a week.Just remember if your ordering out of the country to keep your total under $1600.I made the mistake of going over once and let me tell you what a royal pain it was dealing with customs.Their shipping is outrages,there is shipping and handling+.15 cents an oz+extended area surcharge<but i live in a city that doesn't have Fedex.They also let you know what is going on with your order thru each step

Provident metals-limited selection,usually sold out of the item that your looking for.Have to call to place an order,pay in US funds.When i first used them i paid $35 shipping and handling,called about a month ago and they wanted $100 s&h so cancelled that order,always promised email notification,never got one but always got my order

Anonymous said...

Cache Metals has a gold and silver RRSP/TFSA program! How cool is that put physical gold and silver in your RRSP or TFSA and have it stored at brinks. I went through the process and it was very simple and their representatives were very helpful...I searched around and they were the only bullion dealers to offer this.

Tiago said...

The best place to buy gold and silver in Canada is Precious Metal House. You can buy silver bullion and gold bullion coins, bars and rounds at very low prices and with an excellent friendly service, also you can pickup your bullion in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes buy at www.buysilverbullion.ca they have a blog too that I sometimes read. Prices are comparable and tracked shipping is much lower than apmex and the like.

Anonymous said...

sorry... here's the link buysilverbullion.ca

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this interesting information.
I live in Montreal. I collect 1 oz silver coins. I analyzed the American and Canadian markets during the last 3 months. For me, the best company in Canada, for now, is Silvergoldbull even if I never used them. The second one’s Kitco (the one I used for 95% of my purchases, the other 5% were done on ebay). The third one’s Preciousmetalhouse with their new website. As for the other ones, their prices are like on ebay !!!
For the American market, APMEX is the best with its variety, Provident metal is the second and the last one’s Gainesvillecoins (good prices and killing shipping fees).

I have a question for the Canadians that have used APMEX before. How much does it cost to send them the money, for exemple, for an order of 1500 $ ? (For the shipping I know that’s 34,95 + 0,15 for each oz).



Anonymous said...

I live in the Toronto Ontario area and have been purchasing thru a local dealer called The Troy Ounce out of Burlington for the past few months. They just went online and their prices, from what I have seen, seem to be the cheapest in Canada on some items. Other than them, I would be using Silvergoldbul.

Anonymous said...

Precious Metal House is the best bullion dealer in Canada, check their prices http://www.preciousmetalhouse.com
and Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the best place to buy silver and gold is Precious Metal House, check http://www.preciousmetalhouse.com they are the unique Australian Perth Mint, Mexican Mint and Scottsdale Silver authorized dealers in Canada.

buy silver bullion canada said...

Exchange Traded Funds.

Anonymous said...

Im new to the Silver buying world.
Love the advice on this blog!
Has anyone dealt with House of Stamps in Mississauga?

Anonymous said...

I've had pretty good experience with Silver Gold Bull (silvergoldbull.com) in Alberta

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Stop saying crap, anonymous from 8:48 PM, June 17, 2012, you are probably someone competitor from Precious Metal House (SGB maybe?). They have the best prices in Canada, and that's a fact. Why don't you just try to beat them in customer service and prices instead of trying to ruin their image?
All you silver buyers, check www.preciousmetalhouse.com they have the best prices and the best product offer in Canada and probably North America.

John Castello

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

Actually I'm kinda of tired of shills for a number of companies coming on here and giving sales pitches rather than testimonials of their personal experience.

Claims of scams, phishing etc are not helpful without a link to a real complaint or a detailed explanation of a personal problem you've had.

Its apparently time for me to purge a bunch of comments.

Anonymous said...

I have been buying silver for some time from VICTORIA BULLION EXCHANGE....they are just super to deal with... great prices...good delivery...storage...whatever you need.
Cehck out their offerings on the web.l If you call...ask for Denice.
Ron in Nanaimo

Anonymous said...

I live in Montreal. I analyse more than 50 internet dealers in Canada and US. For stacking i will buy from Kitco. For collectibles Silvergoldbull (higher premiums than kitco but some different coins) and APMEX (A large choice). For preciousmetalhouse, a reduced price on some stackable bullions, but high premiums than apmex for others and shipping is higher than SGB. When PMH will put a flat rate shipping + promo codes for orders less than 2000 $ and competitive premiums i will think about to buy from them.
As stacker and collector i'll buy first from Kitco (No shipping fees), SGB (14 $ shipping and good prices) and APMEX (Nice coins, good premiums...)

Jazzy said...

I live in edmonton and is looking into moving my RRSP into silver bullion. I have checked with banks and most of them dont do it or have outrageous fees. Can you recommend any place in edmonton or canada which can help me do the transfer?

Anonymous said...

I live in Montreal, Kitco was the best for me, until I discover PMH (PresiousMetalHouse)!
The best prices period,free shiping for 4000$+,they even can hold for you some metals until you get to 4000$ and then send it to you.
Good customers service,open long hours,some time difficult to get but no big dill.
This is my store for stacking,and for nice choice of produts if not the best choice of products:)
And yes,did i mention that they have the best prices)))
My only wish.....that they wood lower the premium on Perth mint 10 oz silver bars, and 1 kilo bar!!!

Anonymous said...

Check www.preciousmetalhouse.com the best in Canada. I bought from them before, very good premiums, better than SGB, better than Kitco, free shipping on orders over $4K, coupon codes every week on their newsletters. Thanks.

Patrick Lee

Anonymous said...

I've read this entire post and no one has mentioned www.northshoregoldandsilver.com

Does anyone have any experience with this outfit? It's within a days drive for me so would be nice to just pick up my purcahse rather than have it shipped. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Precious metal house was mentioned a few times here ,so i thought i would give them a try,don't bother waisting your time I placed an order,waited for confirmation of payment,never got one,spent three days calling before someone answered,they recieved payment the following day of order,three weeks later and it still has not shipped and no one replys to emails and still can't get ahold of anyone by phone Worst bullion dealer as far as customer service goes. I just hope that i will get the stuff that i paid for

Anonymous said...

Hey I found Precious Metal House on this website and I just tried them, and I can guarantee you this: they are the best in canada, the customer service was just great, Simon always keep me updated about my order, he is a very nice guy. The shipment arrived after 7 days of payment by bank wire, everything was great. I really recommend you them. Low prices, nice people and excellent product offer.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how do you let kitco and SGB and buy from PMH. crazy premiums + insurance for less than 4000 $. And the coolest thing when spot went up for 2 $ they increase premiums on australian coins by 6 to 10 $ !!!!

Anonymous said...

Well kitco and SGB have much higher premiums than PMH on almost EVERY products they offer, also they don't even offer the australian coins PMH offers, so go buy on kitco and sgb and be an happy guy, I will keep buying on PMH! And I recommend them, preciousmetalhouse.com check it out!

Goldbug said...

I'm managing a web site containing a list of gold and silver bullion dealers. I've added a feature recently that lets you rate your experience. I'd love it if anyone would rate the dealers that they've dealt with in order to start to provide some info to the site visitors about which dealers are the most reputable.

If you have any questions, you can find my email address on the site.

Anonymous said...

Go and check the difference of premium between kitco/SGB and PMH !!!
PMH has 1 to 2 $ more premium on normal silver and on australian 5 $ more than other dealers !! Only if you work with them that you defend them :)

Anonymous said...

Go and check the difference of premium between kitco/SGB and PMH !!!
PMH has 1 to 2 more premium on normal silver and on australian 5 $ more than other dealers !! Only if you work with them that you defend them :)

Anonymous said...

Go and check the difference of premium between kitco/SGB and PMH !!!
PMH has 1 to 2 more premium on normal silver and on australian 5 $ more than other dealers !! Only if you work with them that you defend them :)

Anonymous said...

I've recently been to a seminar from Guildhall wealth management concerning buying gold, silver, fancy coloured diamonds, and collateral finacing. Can any one share their experiences. I've seen a couple of comments here, none positive.

Anonymous said...

From my experience Precious Metal House in Toronto they have the best prices in Canada. I've bought before from Kitco, but the prices and service from PMH it's better in my opinion. I recommend you to check their website at www.preciousmetalhouse.com and see the Royal Canadian Mint 100 oz silver bars... I just love those.

looken said...

the first time i purchaserd i went personally to the store , silvergoldbull when they were in rocky mountain house .
i gave them ten grand and they gave me that much in silver .zilch for any kind oof paperwork . veeery cool people !

Anonymous said...

cache metals has the best prices for metals, cheaper than silver gold bull and precious metals house just compare...and they have access to a physical gold silver RRSP/TFSA which no other in Canada has....Compare the prices!! Simple as that! Dealt with them since they opened their second location and never had a problem just call and ask for Troy he always took good care of me.

Anonymous said...

I just placed an order with Cache Metals, Troy was a great help and very patient with me. I called Precious Metals house as well but it seems they are out of business???anyway it doesn't matter after comparing the final purchase price they were more expensive than Cache anyway...Thanks Troy!!

Anonymous said...

By far lowest prices for silver and gold. Silver gold bull doesn't compare, who buys from a PO BOX??. Precious Metals House closed shop but they were expensive anyways...http://www.cachemetals.com/store/index.php

Unknown said...

Had a great experience with both MRCS and SilverGoldBull.com I'll buy from both again

Martin in Edmonton AB

Anonymous said...

to Martin.
being brand new at this, I would love to buy some silver to protect the little cash that I have now in the bank. what should i buy that once the storm has passed that I can use to buy food and things? in other words what do i need to buy to be able to use instead of cash?

Anonymous said...

Silver gold bull will match any prices in Canada. Great place for westerners to buy.

piusagwuncha said...

We are gold mining company based in Ghana, West Africa , we deal on Alluvial Gold Dust and Gold Bars
we currently have stockpile of gold for supply.

Commodity : Gold Dore Bars
Origin : Ghana
Form : Dust and Bars
Purity : 96%
Quantity : 850kg
Quality : 23 carats
Price : Negotiable

Interested buyer should contact us on the email below.

Email: agpius@ymail.com
Tel: +233271789480

Anonymous said...

Scotia Bank is a smooth runner, you get the credibility. Silver Bull for the privacy of the shippment and Cache Metals for the rest !

Anonymous said...

Silvertowne.com has free shipping to Canada on some of its stuff.It takes about 2 weeks to arrive once its been shipped,but it beats paying $26 shipping in the same province like Silver Gold Bull charges.I am currently waiting on my 3rd order from them

Anonymous said...

Silvertowne is more expensive by far. And they charge to ship to Canada. Even if it says free shipping. That is only in the states. Get your info right before posting.

Anonymous said...

Precious metals house is bankrupt, and siver gold bull operates out of a steakhouse,,cache metals has the cheapest prices by far and they ship anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I bought several 100 oz RCM silver bars from Cache Metals in Toronto. I price matched with the other companies listed on this site and none of the prices were comparable.

Something to note, I was advised the bars wouldn't be shipped for a week due to delivery times from the Mint. I received the bullion on time, packaged very nicely. I will buy from Cache again and would recommend.

Anonymous said...

No idea where these guys are looking for prices but cache metals is not the cheapest. Just compare prices with other dealers yourself. All dealers are the same... just find one you like and stick with them if the service is good. I prefer quick shipping and I stick with the ones that do that.

Anonymous said...

cache is amazing!! Their prices are in fact the cheapest if you are looking for 100 oz silver bars 10oz bars and other popular products if you are looking for low volume items that are not big sellers then probably not, but for most people Cache metals is the only choice in Canada....and they have a physical location to pick up your products if they wish...I,ve always dealt with Kevin and he's taken good care of me.

Anonymous said...

I have been dealing with Gold Stock from quite some time they have 2 location Head Office is in Toronto, and second location in Montreal, Gold Stock is wholesale precious metals dealer,
Try them price is very reasonable than others
Toronto location shipped all over north America or you can walk in to the location no appointment needed
Phone 1-888-944-6539
Montreal , QC

Anonymous said...

Ive tired A-preciousmetals.com in mississauga, got 10 maples for about 2.40 over spot!

Anonymous said...

Smart Bullion is a really neat Canadian company. They make buying bullion as easy as putting your money an RSP. They take money out of my account every month ($200 is what i signed up for) then ship my order to me quarterly. Their prices are competitive and shipping is cheap. I think they just deal with Canadians.
They are super friendly too! Not everyone can afford a 500oz order but they treat you like you're ordering that much. I also like it cause once I signed up it's automatic so I don't have to think about it.


Unknown said...

Today, investing in silver is very interesting concept for many people. I think buying silver online is one of the best way.

Buy silver online

Anonymous said...

I picked up 1oz gold bar at Guildhall Wealth Management. I made an appointment and went to their office in Markham to pick up the bar. The service was great. Stephen, one of the salespeople was of great help and insight. When we first talked on the phone before i go there he quoted my $1448 for 1oz of Johnson Matthey. After a little negotiation and showing him an online gold retailer in Toronto he matched their price. Final price was $1420. So I took the deal. I did not notice anything wrong or fishy about them. It was a pleasant transaction.

Silver Bull said...

Silver Bull likes Silver and we bring Silver knowledge to Canadians. We list all Canadian and US online retailers and much more. Come and see by yourselfs here: http://www.silverbull.ca/investing-in-silver/canadian-silver-retailers/

Anonymous said...

Guildhall wealth is a complete scam stay far way from them, your gold is probably fake. Any company that touts diamonds as an investment is a company you do not want to deal with...use a reputable dealer like silvergoldbull j &m or cache metals

Anonymous said...

Cache Metals in Toronto is great for buying gold and silver. I have placed several online orders for coins and bars and they were all processed and shipped very quickly. www.cachemetals.com

Anonymous said...

Hi. Interesting article and comments. My question however is not where to buy Silver or Gold...(you can go to any bank in Canada and order ....just takes a few days for it to arrive) but rather once someone buys coins or bullion...where the heck do you SELL it?? The banks won't buy it back is my understanding...they would give you face value.
So......in Ontario.... where do you go to sell?
Everyone is jumping on the buy bandwagon....but my spouse is dead against it. He says it would be too hard to get rid of and is very much a skeptic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone
I bought silver 100 oz bars from Gold Stock in Mississauga only $1.00 premium
great location
that's there 3rd location and very professional office
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