Monday, April 30, 2007

The argument for Silver

I tripped over this article today and it’s certainly is as detailed, competant and literate as anything I could pump out(If not more so) and since I’ve touched many of these issues before I’m sure as hell not eager to write it up again, so I won’t, enjoy!

I like to find these kind of articles, first, it leaves me with the feeling I’m not alone and second, it give me time to finish what I’m writing from scratch.

It should be noted the article is from a U.K. site, so any bias against physical silver is not just about the weight and storage issues as stated but also that the U.K. applies a steep tax to physical silver sales. While they did not deride physical silver they also did not look at the danger of accepting paper silver the equivalent of the real thing. The kind of silver you choose can be as important as making the decision to invest in silver, be informed.

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