Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gata strikes back

GATA - The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee is calling out the U.S. government over decades of gold price suppression in their obviously failing attempt to legitimize the fiat money in general and the U.S. dollar in particular.

To this end the Wall Street Journal has agreed to run a full page ad, seen here in PDF calling for a full independent auditing of the U.S. gold reserves, which many industry insiders including Citigroup and Sprott Asset management believe have been loaned, leased or sold away to manipulate the gold price.

This is not just some wild conspiracy claim, Allen Greenspan himself admitted in Congressional testimony that Central Banks were "ready to lend gold in increasing quantities should the price rise."

I'm surprised the Wall Street Journal took the add but I'm glad Gata has managed to strike back for the little guy, me!

I'm off to vacation and would probably have missed this story if I'd not seen it elsewhere so thanks to LadyBroadoak


ladybroadoak said...

I do a fair amount of posting of tedbits.

There is just no telling how this is all going to play out, is there? I think some of the real nasty bits are just beginning to rear their ugly heads and begin to be noticed, things that I "called out" in August are just beginning to seep into "consciousness". And by this I mean the bankruptcy of "corporate culture" which is so deadened it canot operate even in its own best interest, let alone person's interest.

I do hope you thrwo me a few more good links and I can keep posting them. I surely do advocate reading Smedley - it's on the recommeneded list I have, if you noticed.

A whine - how can Hank Paulson and Nancy Pelosi of all persons on this planet be expected to come up with a plan to bail this mess out?

In five words: "C'mon, give me a break!" I am reading the WaPo to find out EXACTLY what is transpiring with that - all the real behind-scenes stuff. It's a MESS what is going on and it may lead to Pelosi's outster .. stay tuned which will also seriously affect the market.

BTW - way to go GATA! very exciting to me .

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