Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Silver battery revolution!

The Silver-Zinc battery story has been quiet for some time but ZPower claims to have made progress in energy densities and apparently has a pending deal to put it's batteries in Laptops as per this story over at EDN

We already know that Silver-Zinc is safer than Lithium-Ion and is fully recyclable with no toxic metals, so if these claims of higher density and adequate performance are proven there certainly will be a premium market for these higher priced batteries. While price point will matter to some consumers, tens of millions will pay the premium for better, safer, cleaner batteries adding great demand to the silver market. This type of battery and High temperature super conducting cables are likely to become biggest new users of silver in coming years.

That slurping sound you hear in the background is the remaining silver surplus being siphoned off.

Good times for silver are ahead.

Speaking of good times, today's 52 cent gain and the $18 for gold is nothing to bitch about. Man I hope I get this years tax refund before the market goes tilt, there is still time to get in but I don't know how much time.

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