Thursday, July 03, 2008

Independence Day my ass!

A concerned Canadian’s view of his neighbour

American Independence Day is a wonder for us Canadians, who are for the most part a subdued people as long as you keep beer and hockey out of the equation. Each year we stare in wonder at the flag saluting, chest thumping and the use of catch worlds like freedom, independence, truth and justice. Many Canadians are bemused if not outwardly embarrassed by such an intense show of unbridled patriotism. I on the other hand feel pity for a people who have become paupers and debt slaves in what was once, but is no longer the richest and freest country in the world. Yet, somehow they still carry on about the Land of the Free and make over the top displays on Independence Day.

I honestly ask myself what all the fuss and posturing about?

Well they threw off British rule; that’s pretty impressive.

They helped destroy the Kaiser and Hitler; that’s pretty impressive despite the fact they like to take all the credit and showed up to both wars several wars years late.

They created a constitution that put the protection of people’s rights to the forefront of government responsibilities; which by any account is an outstanding achievement.

America built the most powerful industrial machine the world had ever seen, they made it to the moon and advanced all manner of technical innovation big and small; once again all things worth celebrating.

We must remember however that these events are the high points of the American experience and quite probably hollow victories when compared to today’s reality. Such patriotic holidays as Independence Day are now tools of the establishment who know that people will get lost in pointless pride when frustration and anger are more appropriate for today's circumstances!

The yoke of British Empire has been replaced by corporate and banking elites who are a much more sinister enemy than some pasty guy with a crown ever was. The U.S. created and destroyed 2 previous Central Banks but did not learn its lesson. These elite powers were persistent and with the creation of the current Federal Reserve Bank America finaly gave away its sovereign power to control its own money supply, No Independence here!

Thanks to the poisonous policies of the likes of FDR and Nixon the coin of the realm is no longer real money but rather a promise whose value is constantly waning. There is no real independence for people when they can no longer trust their currency. There is no freedom when that paper in your pocket, that stuff you need to thrive and survive can be debased and destroyed at the whim of others.

Where is your freedom and independence when your government decides that habeas corpus is irrelevant, that wire taps and reading your mail are essential, or that torture is acceptable behaviour? No longer is there much truth, justice or freedom in America

Freedom is an ideal that should be available to all, yet America feels it has the right to bully, invade and assassinate when foreign voters or leaders don’t do what they are expected too. No one hates America for its freedom; IF they hate America it's because America rations freedom to those deemed worthy, which these days is not even its own population.

Freedom is the right to protest right in your leaders face without being roped off and segragated miles away.

Freedom is a system that encourages more than the two political parties and gives you choices that are neither incompetent nor corrupt.

Freedom means it’s impossible for your name to mysteriously get removed from the voting list.

Freedom means it’s inconceivable that a machine could tabulate election results without verification.

Freedom is the right to say a war is wrong, my leaders are wrong, the system is wrong without being labelled an enemy.

Where is independence when the news media becomes shills and propagandists for the powers that be, rather than ask the tough questions and tell the truth?

How can you celebrate independence when each day billions of dollars are borrowed from Asia to cover the gluttony of your lives and the mismanagement of your government? Each day people owe more to the bank than before, each day less of America belongs to Americans, each day more freedoms are eroded. Hell, I'm mad about it and I don't even have a stake in your plight!

Independence Day should no longer be holiday for celebrating past glories.

Independence Day should be a day of national protest, pitchforks, torches and mass rallies with the intent regaining lost independence. Americans should shed the BBQs and the keg this July 4th and march on every legislature and courthouse in the land and demand their birthright back. Don’t celebrate lost freedoms, Grasp them anew.

I know I’m a foreigner and most of you are going to say STFU! But America needs an intervention and like the friend who occasionally takes your keys away from you when you’ve had too many, I had to tell you these truths as I see them.

Have a good weekend,

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nitroglycol said...

"No one hates America for its freedom; IF they hate America it's because America rations freedom to those deemed worthy, which these days is not even its own population."

So true, and yet so seldom acknowledged.