Friday, October 10, 2008

World markets to be closed?

The always blabby Italian Primer Minister suggests the world markets may be closed to "rewrite the rules of international Finance" Yikes

Remember my last suggestion to stock up on supplies and cash, don't wait!


CHR said...

Gee .. I love Naomi Wolf! Thanks for that post, CSB.

Sorry about the outcome of the Canadian election; such a waste of time.

Looks like another buying day but I wonder if there will be anything left to buy. Silver spot down to US$9.54 .. if only the US dollar wasn't trading at nearly $1.20 .. this could big a big buy signal. Can't be too many more of these opportunities left before the market disasters start to get the 'expected' reaction in the prices for gold and silver. Gold took another good tumble today even with the markets continuing to tank daily and silver has been under performing gold.

Next up, the Dollar bubble! Expect this right after that nasty election business gets taken care of, down south. Sure hope 'W' doesn't have any more pre-election Presidenting to do, in the mean time.


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