Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shameless Canadian Silver Bug plug

As you can see from the sidebar I was the second place winner in the 2007 Canadian Blog awards in the now defunct Best Business/Finance Blog category. Unfortunately they did away with this category and I apparently have to run in the best Professional/Career Blog this year against teachers, lawyers and a theoretical plethora of plumbers and used car salesmen.

Despite this category not being a good fit for a non professional, non career centered silver, gold, finance, economics, world collapse blog I have been nominated and if you read, learn from and enjoy the Canadian Silver Bug's banal gibberings I would appreciate the vote.

I know my hits, revenue and comments are up this year so I hope you actually like what you see and will vote. Each person is allowed one vote in both the first round of voting up to the 29th and again in the second round after the field has been narrowed.

I will repost the link next and plea next week should I move on to the second round. Stayed tuned I do have a real post coming later today that might find you some silver to purchase. If you don't vote for me I won't tell you who has silver, bwahahahahahaha! ;)


Anonymous said...

EGR has some 100oz silver bars but they're from some small mint with a "π" (the pi character) stamp. I can't find any info about it. Maybe you would you know if that's a reputable mint and their silver won't be difficult to sell eventually? Any other silver sources?

Anonymous said...

sprott money had 1000s I don't know anyone who can deliver 100s now