Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Silver Questions

I’m in a bit of a mood today totally unrelated to the drop off in metal prices. I’m wondering why are my hits are going up yet the comments are minimal.

That in mind I have some questions I would like answered.

Have you accepted the argument of metals as a sound investment or at least economic insurance?

Do you hold Gold or Silver or both?

If Silver, are you basing your investment on the belief in a probable eventual silver shortage or simply as real money and a hedge against the dollar?

What are your favourite products, why?

How are you dealing with storage?

How do your perceive the relative safety of paper silver/gold?

Do you dabble in metal equities or purely bullion?

What are your target prices, short and long term?

Off metals for a second, should we expect an inflationary or deflationary sprial to bring this mess to crisis?

I should really do this in a survey form but this will have to do. I hope to get some feedback about these issues, after all I know what I believe but I’d like to know what the bigger consensus is.

What if anything do you wish to see discussed on this site?

Kubera Jones
Lord of Wealth


Arjun Rudra said...

hey kubera
regarding your survey...
i have accepted the idea of metals as a sound investment, i own gold and silver and base metal equities and as for silver i think it will benefit from a supply/demand crunch and also a rise in gold prices. my target for gold is $850 and for silver it is $17.

Anonymous said...

I have bought silver mostly as an affordable dollar hedge, a $17 short term is reasonable but if a shortage situation happens $200 is not out of line.

My silver/gold is about 75%/25%, I'd like more gold but silver is more easily accumulated at my savings rate.

I bought a number of different physical products including a large order from NWT mint of rounds. also
$500 face of clad junk silver, $100 face 90% junk.

I opening a monthy buying plan with "The Money Changer"